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Access Bars  $100 per session

JUNE SPECIAL  2 Bars sessions for the price of one!  BOOK NOW

Get your Bars run!

Having your Bars run creates greater ease for your body and clears all the considerations, attitudes, emotions, thoughts and feelings that you have stored or made significant in any lifetime that may be holding you back from living a life of your true self.

Get your Bars run!

Thirty two points on your head that when gently touched release and unlock areas of your life that have kept you stuck.

When you get your Bars run, it gives you a sense of space and also a sense of receiving

Instead of functioning on autopilot, you begin to be present and function from choice


"Speak positive words into your life every single day. Think choice. Think peace. Think joy. Think ease Think growth. Always start the day with positive energy. You deserve it"

Two things that will change anything in your life : Choice & Access Bars

  • Having your bars run gives you the gift of awareness, turning off the monkey mind and allowing you the confidence to live your life authentically, consciously.
  • When you have your Bars run, you start to invite in all the possibilities that are available to you as an infinite being.
  • From the space of choice & possibility, what can you create?
  • If you weren't stuck in running your story, what other possibilites would you be aware of?
  • If you were truly being present & not living in the past, what could you choose now?
  • What if the universe has just been waiting for you to ask so it can show you?
  • Are you willing to see what shows up for you?

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