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Vanessa Megan Advanced Organics Skincare


Get sup er soft, hydrated and protected skin with our dynamic range of products. Carefully created for every skin type and concern, these Naturaceuticals™ formulas leave you glowing and hydrated from top to toe.

Facial Treats

F​ acials  $110   require an investment of approximately one hour of your time in which you will be cleansed revealed treated then sealed.  Featuring VM's next-generation Sheet Masks or Ice Cube treatments...

The fibres of the coconut membrane mask fit to the contours of your face like a second skin, offering you superior hydration, adhesion and ingredient penetration.

Applying a Vanessa Megan™ Ice Cube treatment improves circulation and immediately helps speed up functional recovery, eliminates puffiness, boosts the skin’s natural glow and reduces inflammation and signs of aging.

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